A line formed and a crowd gathered at the PCC Art Gallery on Oct 14 for Art Night Pasadena. One by one, the attendees entered the gallery which was quickly filling up.

On the walls black and white photographs which have been collected and edited by PCC. Photography instructor Rachel Fermi, and Esther Samra, writer and historian.  The show, Picturing the Bomb is based on the secret world of the Manhattan Project and also on the book that Rachel wrote which is by the same name.  

On the opposite side of town 14 other venues participated in Art Night.  The streets packed as attendees were shuttled from one exhibition to the next.  Wonderful smells were coming from the food trucks, another participant.

There were varied reactions to the show.  “I am glad they built the bomb,” said Warren Haussler, retired.  “I would have got sent to Japan if I hadn’t got hired to work on the Manhattan project.”

Other people were at the exhibit for different reasons “I don’t know, much about the Manhattan Project and wanted to come and learn,” said Joy Weh, housewife.

 She was fascinated by the show and said it inspired her to go online and learn more.

As attendees viewed the exhibition, expressions of sadness, intrigue and discussion ensued throughout the gallery.

“I have been working on an educational documentary for the Manhattan Project for seven years now,” said Ricardo Avila Reyes, an educator.  

“I feel some of the depiction is correct but the glorification of the scientists feels misleading,” he said. His feelings were very strong about the project.

“There is a paradoxical nature to the show,” said Brian Tucker, Director of PCC Art Gallery.  He felt good about the outcome of the show and the number of people who were attending.

One of the exhibitors, the Armory Center for the Arts was humming with excitement.

 “It is great to have a night were I can come and learn about art,” said Julio Salcedo, a GCC student.  “This is the second one I have been to and plan to come to more.”

“I have been to four other Art Night Exhibitions,” Neil Rupp, Auto Tech said.  “It is always fun to see art and people.”

Picturing the Bomb exhibition will run through Nov 12.

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