More than just your typical dance show, “Authentic Kinetic” is an artistic embodiment of students’ individuality.

The show, which opens on Friday, fuses together multiple dance styles. Artistic director Cheryl Banks-Smith pushed the student choreographer to construct dances that represented each student’s originality.

“I wanted the choreographers to show their strong, authentic creative voices,” Banks-Smith said.

The production, choreographed by nine students and five faculty members, will feature a variety of dance styles including rhythm and tap, lyrical, jazz, flamenco and many more, sometimes all in a single piece.

“I have an eclectic background in dance from hip-hop to flamenco,” student choreographer Moises Garcia said. “So when I choreographed my piece I wanted it to be lyrical but also to blend a lot of different styles to make a fusion.”

The dances are not only entertaining to watch but many of the pieces have a profound message.

“Beyond the artistic aspect of dance we also try to choreograph pieces that are symbolic and mean something deeper, something that will get you thinking,” Banks-Smith said.

“The dance I choreographed is a dramatic social commentary on the way girls outside of the United States grow up,” Alisha Mosley added. “Girls all over the world are brought up to be less than men and aren’t allowed to express themselves freely and I wanted to show that in my dance.”

Mosley, a dancer and choreographer in the production, also designed and constructed the dancers’ costumes.

“When choreographing dances or designing clothes I think of colors and emotions,” Mosley said. “I also do a lot of reading a research before anything I do.”

The dancers have been working hard since the first day of the spring semester and will continue to work until the final dance.

“We’re rehearsing our dances down to the very last minute before show time,” Banks-Smith said. “Putting on a dance show is a huge collaborative effort and we hope that all our hard work will show.”

“Authentic Kinetic” opens Friday, April 25 at 8 p.m. in the Sexson Auditorium with two more performances on Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m.

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