Taylor Matthews, the finalist of the talent competition America’s Got Talent, made his last hotel party tour appearance at the Hilton Pasadena on the night of January 24th. Opening for the singer/songwriter was Kyle Reynolds, an artist whom Matthews has been touring and collaborating with recently. The concert featured singles of off Matthews’ new and older albums, such as “Do What You Want To” and “Head Over Feeling.”

The event was a special treat for the fans who have supported him throughout his career. The concert took place in a very intimate and personal setting, giving Matthews the chance to greet and thank his fans, as well as perform several exclusive songs from his upcoming album.

Natalie Brookes, a participant of the event and an avid listener of Matthews’ music, said, “I have been a fan of Taylor ever since I first saw him on America’s Got Talent. I love his music because it has the ability to uplift just about everyone.”

“I think of Taylor as living proof that if you follow your dreams, no matter what, they will come true,” said Jessica Carter, another fan of Matthews, “He certainly inspires me to pursue a future in the music industry.”

Mathews grew up in a musical family in rural Alexander, Louisiana. At 13, he fell in love with the art of singing and songwriting when he picked up his first guitar. His musical influences are Ryan Tedder from One Republic, The Script, and Jack Johnson, all of whom inspired him to sing acoustic pop rock/ soul music.

At just 18, he appeared on the national talent competition, America’s Got Talent, and made his way through to the top 10.

“It is weird. It certainly opened my eyes to the fact that success does not come over night,” Matthews says about his journey on the show. “I am usually a reserved person, but the show has taught me how to open up and eradicate my insecurities. ”

Matthew’s current single and music video is “Do What You Want To.” The music video depicts a young boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut. The boy stumbles upon a photo booth one day, and it produces a picture of him being an astronaut in the future. Much like the boy in the video, Matthews is also living out his dream.

“I love what I do. Each and every day I get to live out a story that years from now I can reflect back on and see how far I have come,” Matthews said.

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