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The living dead looked all too alive on Tuesday during the first ever “Run for you life,” a zombie themed obstacle course held in Robinson Stadium.

The event was put together by Associated Students Vice President for Campus Activities Fernando Becerra with coordination from several clubs.

“It was vivacious and I had a lot of committee members helping me out. Overall it was awesome,” said Becerra.

Participants in the run had to sign a liability release form before being able to participate.

“Because this event is somewhat of a contact [event] we have [participants] fill out a liability release form so that we are covered,” said Paul Tran, a volunteer at the event.

Participants were then able to decide whether they wanted to be “zombies” or “survivors.” The “survivors” were given a belt with three flags, which “zombies” throughout the course were trying to snag. The “zombies” had their faces touched up with makeup to give them that living dead look.

Karla Jovel, who is part of the Graphadena group, was one of those volunteers providing the “zombie” makeup.

“I’m doing some of the cosmetic work today. I am kind of into zombies so that’s why I [decided to do it],” said Jovel.

“Zombies” in the event were eagerly awaiting their chance to maul “survivors” while the “survivors” tried vigorously to avoid them, knocking over obstacles and sliding across the field in the process.

“I have a craving for flesh,” said Chris Jones who participated as a zombie.

Even though the run was open to everyone, the clubs in coordination with it participated in a competition as “survivors.” Some of the clubs participating were TROPA, PUENTE, Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), and Circle K, with TROPA being the victor in the end.

“People were very intense and our committee did the best they could to regulate. All the clubs did a good job,” said Becerra.

The “Zombies” were not left out of the competition though in the end the “zombie” with the most “kills” was awarded a prize, which was kept a surprise till the end. Antonio Medina was the “zombie” with the most “kills,” with a total of 23 flags. He was awarded a Nexus 7.

“I had no idea I was going to get a prize. I just thought that it was something fun to do,” said Medina.

Commenting on the event, Becerra was pleased with the turnout and participation.

“It had a great turnout, we had so many amazing zombies. I like how people wanted to do it and I am glad that I could give that to them,” said Becerra.

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