Bittersweet treats just around the corner

By Aubrey Quezada September 25, 2013 0

The savory aromas of fresh coffee and baked goods, reminiscent of the smells wafting out of the family kitchen, greet visitors as they walk into Bittersweet Treats, a bakery across the street from PCC owned…

Netflix wins “Game of Thrones”

By Luis Rodriguez September 25, 2013 5

After a long day of classes, many students plop down on the couch to see an episode of their favorite TV show on Netflix, but then the next episode automatically starts playing. (more…)

All talk and no game

By Paul Ochoa September 18, 2013 0

“You guys are a bunch of stupid, pussy, ballsacky… (insert racist and homophobic slurs here.)” is not something one usually hears someone say. That is, unless you have ever set foot in the virtual world…

Console war builds hype for gamers

By Bryan Acosta September 4, 2013 0

The nation is at war. Not only the nation, but gamers all over the world are choosing sides in a battle that happens every few years. News of the next generation consoles, Xbox One and…

Frozen yogurt keeps campus cool

By Madison Miranda July 10, 2013 0

With the temperature rising as summer wears on, students have turned to frosty treats as a way to keep cool. Frozen yogurt and ice cream are snacks that people across campus have been enjoying to…