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A selection of meats hanging from the ceiling of Meat District Co, in Old Town Pasadena, on October, 16, 2014. (Justin Clay/Courier)
A selection of meats hanging from the ceiling of Meat District Co, in Old Town Pasadena, on October, 16, 2014. (Justin Clay/Courier)

The Meat District Company offers a unique dining experience where guests can witness fresh, natural

meat being grinded and watch chefs prepare meals through an open kitchen.


The Australian-based restaurant, located on Raymond Street in Old Town Pasadena, is the company’s

first location to open in the United States. Since their grand opening about a month ago, supervisor

Ennovy Ruvio said they have been successful in luring meat-lovers.


“We get very busy on the weekends,” Ruvio said. “It’s been really good.”


In the middle of the restaurant stands a glass walk-in fridge where chefs store the meat and customers

can witness the cutting and grinding process. The kitchen, which cannot be missed, has open windows

to provide live cooking action for customers as well and there is another back room and downstairs area

for extra seating. Last weekend, the restaurant hosted its first Friday and Saturday DJ Night, where one

of the servers brought her equipment to work and played music for customers in the back room.


“It was so much fun, they (guests) really enjoyed it,” said Ruvio.


Ruvio said they will continue DJ Night on the weekends to draw in more customers.

The meat-centric restaurant is prestigiously known for their fresh, all natural beef which is aged in-house

for at least 21 days and finished with a gluten-free baste. The choice of meat entrée that stands above

all else is the Meat Hook, 10 ounces of succulent chunks of prime dry-aged New York sirloin, rib eye and

filet with peppers, onions and corn lathered in a creamy pepper sauce suspended on a hook. Supervisor

Sallon Gomesz said that is the most popular dish on their menu.


“Try us and get hooked,” Gomesz joked.


Along with burgers, steak and ribs, innovative appetizers like the Crispy Jalapeno Poppers, jalapenos

fried in cornflake crumbs and served in a ramekin of yogurt are also included on the menu. Vegetarians,

too, can enjoy the restaurant and choose from items like the Crispy Quinoa Salad or the Vegetarian



But their menu does not end there. The Street hotdog, slow roasted lamb and pork pulls, salmon burger

and chicken sandwich provide a wide variety for customers to choose from.

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