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Entrepreneur and philanthropist Mick Ebeling held a book reading and discussion at Vroman’s Bookstore earlier this month to talk about his dedication to help others while staying creative.

Ebeling’s new book “Not Impossible” focuses on his journey of creating the EyeWriter to help paralyzed individuals to communicate through eye movement, traveling to Sudan to make prosthetic arms with the help of 3D printers for Project Daniel, and dedicating his energy and time to form a lifelong mission of love, kindness, and making the impossible, possible.

But how does one exactly make the impossible, possible? According to Ebeling, courage to try and commitment to succeed.

“Everything in here was once impossible,” said Ebeling to his audience, pointing out everything in the room. “The saws to make this desk? Impossible. The screws for the podium? Impossible… Until it wasn’t. Until somebody did something about it.”

Ebeling is passionate about the idea that anyone can do anything they put their minds to. After all, before Ebeling founded his non-profit organization, The Not Impossible Foundation, he was working in the commercial and film industry with the production company he founded, The Ebeling Group. He had no prior experience or education with technology, which was essential to making his ideas come to life.

Luckily for Ebeling, there were talented programmers around the world who believed in his cause as much as he did, and he was able to fly them out to Los Angeles to help him get started with his first project, the EyeWriter, which Time Magazine named one of The 50 Best Inventions of 2010.

Once he saw what was possible while still being the “dumbest person in the room,” as Ebeling jokingly calls himself, he became more involved with finding unique, revolutionary ways to ease real world issues.

“Once you become involved in ways to help other people, you start to see it everywhere,” said Ebeling to his audience. “You are suddenly aware that these issues are all around us.

Ebeling and his group is currently working on several new projects to tackle worldwide issues, and he urges talented students, or anyone with innovative ideas, to get involved with The Not Impossible Foundation. It is his firm belief that the youths’ mind, energy, and resilience are what will help shape our future, if we work to inspire one another.

After all, as Ebeling asked in his TED talk in March 2011, “If not now, then when? If not me, then who?”

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