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School to offer reduced parking permits to students

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Students who were overcharged by Pasadena City College for parking permits will be able to get a refund, but not before paying a new fee.

The school is now offering reduced priced parking permits for $30 to students who receive financial aid after it found out it was violating state law by not offering discounted permits to such students, according to a memo sent out to faculty and staff from acting Chief of Police Steven Matchan.

Students who have already bought the full priced permits at $64 will also have a chance to get reimbursed but will have to jump through a few hoops and pay a processing fee of $5 before seeing any of that money.

“Parking permit refunds must be requested by the end of the second week of the semester,” the memo states. “To receive a refund, you must bring your permit to campus police… If you purchased your permit in person or online, then you will need to bring your original receipt of purchase in order to receive your refund.”

Associated Students President Jordyn Orozco said that he didn’t think the students should be held accountable for a mistake made by the college.

“I understand the need for the school to charge a processing fee because of the channels money has to go through,” Orozco said. “However, I do feel the school should be taking responsibility for its mistake and allow students to get fully reimbursed per the process stated by campus police without the $5 processing fee”

Senior Vice President Robert Miller said in July that the school had become aware that they were violating the California Educational Code after surveying other colleges in the area.

California Educational Code 76360 states that “students who receive financial assistance” should be exempt from parking fees imposed that exceed $30 per semester.

Miller said that the school was not intentionally making money off of students previous to finding out about the violation.

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4 Responses to “School to offer reduced parking permits to students”

  1. nonymous says:

    yet another violation of Ed Code that the Board of Trustees looks the other way on.

  2. Disgusted says:

    Miller’s secretary had free parking privileges for months.
    I am sure that paper allowing free parking on her dashboard was unintentional also!

  3. Freidinaro says:

    Police Chief Matchan? LMAO!

    HAaaaaaaa. HAaaaaaaasa

  4. Potential Target says:

    So “We broke the rules and ripped you off, and now we’re charging you to fix our mistake”? Nice.


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