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DISTRICT RESPONDS: We need more time before further comment

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Note to readers: The following is the verbatim District statement regarding commencement:

For Immediate Release                                            Contact:  Dr. Valerie Wardlaw

Date:  April 18, 2014                                                            Email:

Mobile:  626.354.4885



PACCD Statement:  2014 Commencement


Pasadena City College is busy today assembling facts on the chain of events connected with the choice by the College of a commencement speaker and will provide a statement on Monday, April 21, 2014 of what it has learned. It would be inappropriate to comment further on this subject until this review has been conducted.  Thank you.



Since 1924, Pasadena City College (PCC) has provided the greater Pasadena area with an innovative learning environment that inspires student learning and success.  PCC is one of the largest community colleges in the country, serving over 30,000 students from 90 different countries.  Widely recognized as a transfer leader, PCC ranks as one of the top community colleges in the state that transfers students to nationally ranked four-year universities and colleges. Nestled in the foothills of Pasadena, home of the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl football game, PCC has educated more than a million students since its founding. For more information on Pasadena City College, call 626-585-7123, or visit the College’s website at




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4 Responses to “DISTRICT RESPONDS: We need more time before further comment”

  1. Potential Target says:

    Well, it’s late Monday afternoon, and there’s still no response from the District.

  2. Sam Senator says:

    We have no confidence in Pcc leadership. That’s why we are in this mess. recent climate surveys and town hall attest to this. 3 votes of no confidence didn’t make the board take any action last year (other than supporting the current leadership) but they do this to an obviously good choice for speaker. Pasadena needs new board members running its school and fewer administrators (approx 95 by last count!)

    • Potential Target says:

      I count 98 administrators, and there are job searches going on for 11 more. Which means that we’ll soon have one administrator for every four full-time faculty members. Meanwhile, full-time teaching positions keep disappearing, to be replaced with adjunct faculty, a move that is, at best, a grave disservice to students. On top of that, bump class sizes up by 20-40% across the board and you have to wonder how seriously this administration takes PCC’s mission of “Student Success.”

  3. Potential Target says:

    Great; more “leadership” in action (or should that be inaction?).


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