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Lost and Found now accessible online

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Let’s be real. At each point in the semester we lose our minds a bit, stress out, and become more forgetful then we want to be. By finals, phones start to disappear (along with homework assignments) and keys are misplaced.

Now, campus police have made it easier for students, staff, and faculty to report and find missing items with the new lost and found online page. It allows anyone to fill out a form on the PCC website, which is then sent directly to the Property and Evidence department of campus police. There, Officer Karen Baghdassarian collects the information about the stolen item(s) in a database.

“Before it took about a week [just to relay the information], and now this way is just a lot easier,” said Baghdassarian. “In one week we’ve returned three items that probably never would have been returned. It’s a lot more consistent, and a lot easier for the student, for the staff member, and for us.”

The new system makes it easier for the campus police and its staff to identify the lost items quicker by narrowing down the search of specific objects, which means people are notified a lot sooner.

Say for instance someone lost an iPhone with a pink case and it’s turned in to the station.  All Baghdassarian has to do is type in “iPhone” in the database to narrow the items down, then find the matching description with that person’s contact information.

The best part is students can submit this online form at any time of the day, and they don’t have to wait in line at all.

“We tried to make a change for the better so we can accommodate more people,” said Baghdassarian.

To report a stolen item just fill out the form, and press submit.

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4 Responses to “Lost and Found now accessible online”

  1. Eileen Snyder says:

    This is great news! However, the web address you gave in the printed, paper version of the Courier omitted the extension .cfm, so students who only read that version will think it doesn’t work. Perhaps in next week’s paper you can correct that?

    Also, what can students who only come to PCC in the evening or weekend do to pick items up? Many of them are working weekdays and can’t break away during the hours the Lost and Found is open to reclaim their items. I encounter many such students during my shift.

  2. John Hynes says:

    Lost & Found is a serious matter.

    I have spoken to students who have lost phones, backpacks, text books, virginity, pipes, athletic gear, etc. I am so glad campus security has finally found a way to re-connect stressed out students with their valuables.

    Concerning the previous comment; Karch has been spotted on a park bench in Glendale with Chief P.M. Both have Okoban stickers on their heads, holding beads and chanting.


  3. Frost-Roberts, Etc says:

    We seem to have LOST Robert James Karch? I put an Okoban sticker on his head and STILL can’t find him? If found….please call campus security.

  4. Bob Hobson says:

    Just an FYI for everyone. Okoban stickers are another option for this problem plus they protect your stuff no matter where it gets lost. They allow someone who finds your lost stuff immediately contact you directly without exposing private information. I use them on almost everything I take when I travel after one of the tags was responsible for getting my lost passport returned to me in Rome one time. You can get them at


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