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Bold style is campus’s latest fashion trend

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Somber colors have been a staple in campus fashion for the past few years, but that seems to be changing.

Antonio Gandara / Courier

Antonio Gandara / Courier 

Kimberly Cubas, registered nurse, rocks a bright mustard cardigan with a floral printed blouse, Feb 26.

Kathy Sterling, fashion instructor, is glad to see that this trend is changing. “The PCC students for years and years have worn a lot of black, grays, and blue jeans,” she says. But now, she feels that fashion on campus is changing for the better. “Trendsetters are breaking that pattern and punching it up with some color,” she says.

Fashion major Kimberly Acevedo has also noticed the shift in color trends. Acevedo lives near a Forever 21 store and has seen bright colors in the window displays. “There’s a lot of neon [and stuff] with a rocker edge,” she says.

Bobby Kang, also a fashion major, pointed out other PCC trends. “There’s a lot of camo print for both men and women,” he says. According to Kang there have been many baseball caps, desert boots, plaid, bomber jackets for men. He also says there are a lot of studded things for both men and women.

Sonia Parvaneh, fashion major, says she has seen a lot of mustard colored clothes on campus. She also mentioned that there have been many beanies with ears and Hello Kitty apparel at PCC.

“Everyone’s in T-shirts and jeans,” observes Ashley Lam, fashion major.

Antonio Gandara / Courier

Antonio Gandara / Courier

Edwin Rodriguez, history, bought his bright red pants online to try something different, Feb 26.

Another trend that seems to be holding true is vintage. “Vintage is always in,” says Instructor Sterling. According to her, vintage can either look beautiful or silly depending on how those wearing it carry themselves.

As for upcoming Fall trends, they seem to be as much a mystery to fashion students as anyone. “He or she who accurately predicts the future in the fashion industry makes a lot of money,” says Sterling.

Some fashion forward people aren’t relying on upcoming trends. “I don’t really follow trends, I do my thing,” says Acevedo.

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